Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lake Effect Creations

This is the "creative" side of me. I've been running a very small crochet business for a few years. I invite you to check out my business facebook page here. I started selling crocheted goods back when I worked in the daycare, 2008 I think. I have improved that skill by leaps and bounds since then. All I used to sell were beanies.
Pinterest has been a great help for inspiration. In fact, I'm pretty sure I never would have come up with 99% of the things I have made with out it. I am currently working on my first pattern. I've been buying more and more patterns lately instead of being a copy-cat.

I highly recommend if you have a craft to try selling on Etsy. That's where I've been lately. Crocheting and selling like crazy! View my shop here.

The sport-sy hats:

Order Requests:


And my favorite pictures, the ones with adorable models:

 And then there's this awesome huntress cowl, inspired by the Hunger Games:

So if you've wondered where I've been. Chances are if I'm not entertaining my children, or taking care of them, I'm probably working on something like the above. If you're interested, all my readers can get a 10% coupon for my Etsy shop using this code: CHSWREADER It's good through 7/28/16, my birthday!