Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's about time for a Pregnancy Update

I came across this picture on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and it is very accurate:
I've been keeping very busy these last few months. My twin pregnancy is going well. Everyone seems healthy.
Even before I was pregnant I researched cute ideas for tracking belly growth. I was going to wear the same clothes every time, stand in the same spot, and the onlt thing that would change is the size of my belly. Ha. I'm not sure what happened, but that totally did not happen. I'm lucky if I remember to take a picture every three weeks or so. Seriously, the following pictures are the only growth pictures I've taken so far. (We're 32 weeks + 3 days)

At about 26 weeks my doctor told me I'd need help with my two small boys for the end of the pregnancy. My sister and some family friends have been out to help me since then. MY husband is actually stricter, and he gives me more restrictions than my doctor. They can be party poopers sometimes, but all in all they work as a good team to keep these babies in as long as possible.

He doesn't even let me cook or do dishes. He's taken over shopping, and as scary as that normally is, he's shown more self control at the store.
One Saturday I was getting really sick of staying home and he wanted to go to the new Cabela's in our area. He said I could go ONLY if they had a riding scooter. Sure! Anything to get out of the house, right!? Wrong. It was probably the single-most embarrassing thing I've ever experienced. Next time I'll go for the ride and sit in the car, thank you.
So pretty much all I'm allowed to do is sit on the couch. Even when I try to help cook or clean up dinner I get scolded to go sit down. As awesome as that sounds, it's really hard for someone with nesting instincts to just sit all day and let everyone do all the work... especially since they don't know how to do it as good as you! ;)

 Trust me, I have plenty to keep me busy on this couch. You'd think I'd post more often, but my brain went on vacation somewhere, and it doesn't want to come back. I do, however keep up great on Pinterest and Facebook. It's not a good thing, but what else have I got to do? I've also probably completed at least 40 crochet projects, and fully planned out the babies' room. I have a list of thirteen more projects to complete. They shouldn't take more than a few days.
On that note, I'm currently taking orders for crochet projects for the next few weeks! :) Help keep me busy, if you want.
If you're wondering how big I am now, this is me a little more than two weeks ago. I can't squeeze this shirt on anymore. Also, for those (like me) who would like the small details:
  • The boys are both currently breech and the doctor says they look cozy, but she isn't scheduling anything yet.
  • At 31 weeks they were weighing in at {3 pounds 13 oz.} and {3 pounds 15 oz.} My other two were 8 pounds each, so I'd like the twins to be good-sized.
  • Yes, they do kick a lot.
  • At 34 weeks, we will be considered "safe" but the goal is at least 37 weeks.
  • No, the babies room is NOT painted yet! But hopefully this weekend will give somebody time to paint and set up the crib.
  • Yes, I'm going to try to sleep them in the same bed. If it doesn't work, we have two cribs.
  • Yes, I will have help when they come.
  • Yes, we have names picked out but we don't like to tell. And yes, I can mostly tell which baby is kicking me or has hiccups.  
If you have any more fun questions, leave them for me in the comments. Hopefully it doesn't take me another four months to post another update!


  1. Well, hello! I've been thinking about you and wondering how you've been. Funny, I never think to ask your mom when I see her, so I loved this post. I pray for you and your babies every day. Glad you are doing well and that you have plenty of help. Glad, too, to hear that you are able to stay busy in a profitable way. I'm sure there is plenty of snuggling going on, too, with your other boys. These next few weeks will probably seem like an eternity, but they'll be over before you know it. Have a wonderful day and post again sometime soon for the few non-FBers in your life. :)

    1. This certainly was a lazy pregnancy, huh? :P

  2. What a cute way to do your pictures!!! Can't wait to hear about your little guys arrival. Praying for you and babies :). It sure was nice to read an update!

    1. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts!

  3. I just stumbled on your blog here. How exciting to be having twins!!!